11 Things That 90s Kids Are Just Now Realizing

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11 Things That 90s Kids Are Just Now Realizing

11 Things That 90s Kids Are Just Now Realizing
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11 Things That 90s Kids Are Just Now Realizing

by Wochit 2:55 mins

11 Things That 90s Kids Are Just Now Realizing

by Wochit 2:55 mins

11 Things That 90s Kids Are Just Now Realizing "Step By Step" was just an updated version of "The Brady Bunch" An attractive divorcee with three kids meets a widowed mother of three kids, and the two families mesh into one. Now where have we heard that before? The Ninja Turtles Didn't Use Their Weapons...Ever None of the bad guys were ever stabbed, slashed or sliced. It was a kid's show after all. "Matilda" Featured Some Pretty Twisted Stuff The terrifying Miss Trunchbull not only force fed children cake and flung them around by their pigtails, she also shoved them into "The Chokey" for hours at a time. Our Beanie Babies Aren't Worth A Dime With a few possible exceptions, the expansive Beanie Baby collection that you amassed as a preteen isn't going to make you a millionaire any time soon. But you might want to leave the tags on just in case. Danny Tanner Was Not What He Seemed Much to our surprise, we would grow up to discover that in real life, Bob Saget is actually the antithesis of Danny Tanner. He's raunchy, vulgar and downright offensive in his stand-up routines and many of his movies. Not to mention he curses like a sailor. "Hocus Pocus" Is Still Awesome Every year we tune in to watch the Sanderson Sisters wreak havoc on the town of Salem after being awakened when a foolish virgin lights the black flame candle. And we still shed a tear when Binx the cat gets run over. Mindy Was Awful Sure she was just a little kid, but the brat was always running away and getting into dangerous situations, causing Buttons the dog to go through hell and back to keep her safe. But what does he get for saving her? Mindy's ungrateful mother would punish the poor dog! Where was she while her child was wandering through traffic or scaling a tall building? Steve Urkel Was Sonic The Hedgehog You read that right. Your favorite 90s nerd was also the voice of your favorite 90s hedgehog. Jaleel White provided the voice of Sonic the Hedgehog What Happened To Judy Winslow? Supposedly as Steve Urkel got more popular, the producers decided poor Judy was simply dead weight. Her character was cut and the cast acted as though she never existed...eerie. We Ate ALOT of Fruit Snacks This highly-processed, sugary leather provided our daily serving of "fruit" all through grade school. And they're still delicious! No Dance Comes Close To "Jump On It" Forget "Soulja Boy" and "The Cupid Shuffle", Will and Carlton's dance to "Jump On It" from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" is pure genius. So much so, that it is still performed at most weddings and proms across the country. Angry pelvic thrusting meets happy skipping will stand the test of time.

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