Miranda Kerr Puts Food On Her Face

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Miranda Kerr Puts Food On Her Face

Miranda Kerr Puts Food On Her Face
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Miranda Kerr Puts Food On Her Face

by Daily Shot 3:09 mins

Miranda Kerr Puts Food On Her Face

by Daily Shot 3:09 mins

The supermodel shares natural beauty secrets from the grocery store, and the wholesome snacks she makes for her son. Miranda, 30, has been modeling since her early teens, and became a household name as a Victoria’s Secret model. She also studied nutrition and now runs her own organic skin care line, Kora Organics. She told Ali that a few simple food items can do wonders for skin and hair: egg white on your hair makes it shiny. “Cucumber is great for your eyes, “ she adds. But her favorite is coconut oil, used as a hair treatment. Watch the full episode to find out what other produce she swears by for her she puts on her face and hair.

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