MIcrosoft's Three CEOs On Stage Together

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MIcrosoft's Three CEOs On Stage Together

MIcrosoft's Three CEOs On Stage Together
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MIcrosoft's Three CEOs On Stage Together

by Wochit 0:54 mins

MIcrosoft's Three CEOs On Stage Together

by Wochit 0:54 mins

Microsoft announced its third CEO in the company's 38-year history today. Satya Nadella succeeds Steve Ballmer and takes over immediately with a focus on "cloud and mobile first." While the trio of Bill Gates, Ballmer, and Nadella have been busy with today's announcement, they took some time out today to stand on stage together and address more than 100,000 Microsoft employees. In a brief video posted by Microsoft, Gates remarks that the company has only ever had three CEOs before the assembled Microsoft employees cheer and applaud them while Ballmer patted his successor on the back. Nadella also addressed Microsoft's employees alone.


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