Mexico's electoral tribunal upholds election result

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Mexico's electoral tribunal upholds election result

Mexico's electoral tribunal upholds election result
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Mexico's electoral tribunal upholds election result

by AFP Videos 2:54 mins

Mexico's electoral tribunal upholds election result

by AFP Videos 2:54 mins

SHOTLIST : Mexico City, Mexico, August 30 2012, Source: AFPTV and Mexican Electoral Tribunal (Access All) -SOUNDBITE 1, Flavio Galvàn Rivera, Electoral Tribunal judge (Spanish) "Here we only and exclusively are judging the legality or the illegality of the election of July 1st 2012. We are not judging whether there was pressure on voters, or, as people call it, vote-buying"("Aqui unica y exclusivamente estamos juzgando de la legalidad o de la ilegalidad de las elecciones del 1 de Julio de 2012. No esta acreditado que haya habido coacciòn de voto, y en el lenguaje popular, compra del voto.") SOUNDBITE 2 : Maria del Carmen Alanis Figueroa, Electoral Tribunal judge (Spanish) "The project has arrived at the conclusion that the coalition has not demonstrated that the federal public servants referred to intervened untowardly in the electoral process" ("El proyecto arriba a la conclusion de que la coalicion no demuestra que los referidos funcionarios publicos federales y locales hubieran intervenido indebidamente en el proceso electoral que esta por concluir.") SOUNDEBITE 3 : All the electoral tribunal judges: "Magistrate Maria del Carmen Alanis Figueroa ; - In favour of the project. - Magistrate Constancio Carrazco Daza? - Also in favour. - Magistrate Flavio Galvan Rivera? - In agreement. - Magistrate Manuel Gonzalez Oropeza? - In agreement. - Magistrate Salvador Olimpo Nava Gomar? - I agree with the project. - Magistrate Pedro Esteban Penagos Lopez? - I agree with the project. - Magistrate Presidente José Alejandro Luna Ramos? - In agreement. - President, the project has been unanimously approved."("Magistrada Maria del Carmen Alanis Figueroa ; - A favor del proyecto. - Magistrado Constancio Carrazco Daza? - Tambien a favor del proyecto. - Magistrado Flavio Galvan Rivera? - En igual sentido. - Magistrado Manuel Gonzalez Oropeza? - De acuerdo. - Magistrado Salvador Olimpo Nava Gomar? - Con el proyecto. - Magistrado Pedro Esteban Penagos Lopez? - A favor del proyecto. - Magistrado Presidente José Alejandro Luna Ramos? - Con la consulta que hago propia. - Presidente, el proyecto se aprobò por unanimidad de votos.")+ 1 min 30 of images including:--members of the public in court -wide shot of the court-José Alejandro Luna Ramos, Preisdent of the court, declaring the session open -Police outside the court-Exterior of the court-Anti-Pena Nieto protester in a pig costume waving banknotes-Anti-Pena Nieto protesters shouting 'Mexico without the PRI' and 'Pena out'///AFP Text Story:-Mexico-vote-politics,3rdlead Mexico court rejects bid to scrap presidential vote by Laurent Thomet =(PICTURE+VIDEO)= ATTENTION - RECASTS with decision, ADDS quotes /// MEXICO CITY, Aug 30, 2012 (AFP) - Mexico's electoral tribunal rejected Thursday a left-wing bid to overturn the presidential election win of Enrique Pena Nieto, as protesters shouted "fraud" and threw stones at the court. One by one, the tribunal's seven judges rebuffed claims by leftist runner-up Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador that Pena Nieto's party bought millions of votes, exceeded campaign spending limits and received biased news coverage. "The request to invalidate the election is groundless," court president Jose Alejandro Luna Ramos told a packed courtroom at the end of a session that lasted more than five hours. The ruling clears the way for Pena Nieto to be formally declared president-elect and begin his six-year term on December 1, returning the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) to power after a 12-year absence. The PRI governed Mexico with an authoritarian hand for 71 years until it lost the 2000 presidential election, but Pena Nieto has promised to break with his party's nefarious past. "It is time to begin a new phase of work in favor of Mexico," he wrote on Twitter after the ruling. "We move forward. Through dialogue, understanding and agreements, we move together for the unity and greatness of Mexico." Lopez Obrador, backed by the Progressive Movement coalition, has accused the PRI of returning to its old ways in order to secure Pena Nieto's victory in the July 1 election. "It is better to invalidate the election. Not doing so is attacking democracy and opting for corruption," Lopez Obrador, a former Mexico City mayor, tweeted hours before the ruling. Lopez Obrador's campaign manager Ricardo Monreal denounced the judges as a "band of scoundrels" as it became clear that they would reject the challenge. Outside the court, some 300 protesters shouted "Mexico without the PRI," brought down barriers and threw water bottles, corncobs and stones toward the court, as riot police watched passively. Pena Nieto, who has rejected his opponent's allegations, won the election with 38.2 percent of the vote compared to 31.6 percent for Lopez Obrador, who lost by 3.3 million ballots. "We had free and genuine elections," said Judge Salvador Olimpo Nava Gomar. "Mexico will have a president elected by the people, the citizen Enrique Pena Nieto." Lopez Obrador claimed that the PRI bought five million votes, including by distributing gift cards for a retail store. His coalition also charged that children were sent to polling stations to check how people voted. "There is no proof of vote-buying, there is no proof of coercion," said Judge Flavio Galvan Rivera. Before the ruling, PRI officials called on opponents to end the squabbling. "People are fed up with the fight between political parties and candidates," said Sebastian Lerdo de Tejada, the PRI's representative at the Federal Electoral Institute, the body that organizes elections. Lopez Obrador ran for president in the previous election of 2006 and never recognized those results after he lost to Felipe Calderon, of the conservative National Action Party (PAN), by a mere 0.06 percentage points. He led massive protests but was unable to change the outcome. Pena Nieto will inherit from Calderon a brutal drug war that has left more than 50,000 people dead since 2006. Calderon did not run due to term limits. The movement #Yosoy132, which organized protests against Pena Nieto during this year's campaign, has warned that it will lead a "funeral (march) to bury democracy" following the court ruling. lth/oh

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