Megan Hilty on wedding and 'not-typical TV' body

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Megan Hilty on wedding and 'not-typical TV' body

Megan Hilty on wedding and 'not-typical TV' body
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Megan Hilty on wedding and 'not-typical TV' body

by Daily Shot 4:15 mins

Megan Hilty on wedding and 'not-typical TV' body

by Daily Shot 4:15 mins

Megan Hilty is the face (and voice) behind such hits as "Smash" and "Sean Saves the World," but the recent event that has her gushing happened offscreen. This past November, she married fellow actor Brian Gallagher. The kicker? The two wed just nine days after getting engaged. "We just wanted to be married," Megan says, "so we called our parents and our siblings and said, 'Listen, in nine days we will be in Vegas. Be there.' And everybody showed up!" The newlywed insists marriage was not something she had on the brain prior to meeting her husband. "I thought I was going to be single my whole life," the actress says. "It was never something that I wanted. I was never one of those girls. I'm very career-oriented." Megan and her hubby kept things low-key for their nuptials. "Our reception was a pajama party," she says. "We all raced upstairs, put on our pajamas, had our dinner, and got hammered." In past interviews, Megan's pointed out that she doesn't have the "typical" TV body you might see on the screen. During "Smash," people would often ask her what kind of padding she wore to portray Marilyn Monroe. "That's what you get for putting a normal person on camera!" she says. "You're not used to seeing that." To find out about Megan's preshow ritual for "Sean Saves the World" and to hear about her "updated tramp stamp," check out this episode of "Daily Shot."

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