Meet the Diet Dr. Pepper Hottie!

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Meet the Diet Dr. Pepper Hottie!

Meet the Diet Dr. Pepper Hottie!
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Meet the Diet Dr. Pepper Hottie!

by The Insider 1:41 mins

Meet the Diet Dr. Pepper Hottie!

by The Insider 1:41 mins

Between the Diet Coke guy, the hilarious Old Spice hunk, and the Kraft Zesty model, it seems like hotties are taking over our TV screens! While we were never complaining in the first place, there’s now, even another male masterpiece to add to the list, the Diet Dr. Pepper Man, Josh Button! “omg! Insider” correspondent Christina McLarty introduces us to Josh, the latest addition of the steamy shirtless ad campaign super hunks, where he talks about his fitness routine and his role as the “really, really, rea

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