Matthew and Camila's Strict Parenting Rules

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Matthew and Camila's Strict Parenting Rules

Matthew and Camila's Strict Parenting Rules
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Matthew and Camila's Strict Parenting Rules

by Daily Shot 3:28 mins

Matthew and Camila's Strict Parenting Rules

by Daily Shot 3:28 mins

Camila Alves is a successful model and handbag designer, and her husband isn't bad-looking, either. The native Brazilian and wife of Matthew McConaughey stopped by the "Daily Shot" studios to talk about what she and her actor hubby expect from their three children. "I am a little strict on the kids," Camila admits, and she says she expects her kids to always say "Yes ma'am," "No, ma'am," "Thank you," and "Please." The famous couple also teaches their children to introduce themselves properly when entering a room. "It's not your room. Somebody else was there before you," she says. "Acknowledge them, look them in the eye, shake their hand, say 'How are you?'" Camila stresses that communication is key, and she avoids tension by making sure she and Matthew enforce the same rules and never send mixed messages. "We've got to be on the same page," she says, "because if the kids can start thinking that they can have an out here to do something, they start getting confused." To hear about one of the sweetest things Matthew did while the pair were dating, watch this episode of "Daily Shot," and be sure to check out Camila's MUXO handbag line.

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