The Haircut That Almost Got Mariska Hargitay Fired

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The Haircut That Almost Got Mariska Hargitay Fired

The Haircut That Almost Got Mariska Hargitay Fired
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The Haircut That Almost Got Mariska Hargitay Fired

by Daily Shot 4:21 mins

The Haircut That Almost Got Mariska Hargitay Fired

by Daily Shot 4:21 mins

After 14 seasons playing ambitious detective Olivia Benson on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit," you might think Mariska Hargitay has a little bit of job security. But what you may not know is that she made one decision that almost cost her the job. As Benson's story lines evolved over the years, so have her hairstyles. Mariska recalls one haircut, during which she made the questionable decision to offer the stylist some wine. Before long, she looked up at her reflection and was shocked at the crop, and ran to a producer's house in a panic. "I liked it, but I almost got fired about it," she says. "I don't think Dick Wolf was a fan of the supershort hair." So what can viewers expect in Season 15? "After 14 years, you think, 'Where can you go? What else is there to do?'" Mariska says, but she hints that the new season will be just as stirring as years past. "The arc that the writers have planned for me is so exciting on a personal and professional and creative level."

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