Marco Rubio Gets Over LeBron James Letdown

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Marco Rubio Gets Over LeBron James Letdown

Marco Rubio Gets Over LeBron James Letdown
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Marco Rubio Gets Over LeBron James Letdown

by Wochit 0:52 mins

Marco Rubio Gets Over LeBron James Letdown

by Wochit 0:52 mins

Florida Senator Marco Rubio was as hurt as any other Miami sports fan when LeBron James announced last week that he’ll return to Cleveland. But the Florida Republican said he’s “moved on” and predicts the basketball star known as King James will have his number retired by the Heat and be well-received by Heat fans when the Cavaliers come to play. Rubio's comments are in stark contrast to comments made in a July 8th tweet where the potential 2016 presidential candidate threw a LeBron-related jab at Cleveland congratulating the city for landing the 2016 Republican National Convention.


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