EPISODE 108: Vodka

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EPISODE 108: Vodka

EPISODE 108: Vodka
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EPISODE 108: Vodka

by Warrior Poets Mansome 4:27 mins

EPISODE 108: Vodka

by Warrior Poets Mansome 4:27 mins

If your experience with vodka is limited to martinis and fruity mixers, you've really been missing out. Our resident bartender Tom shows host Roger Hailes everything you didn't know about vodka, including the Mansome cocktail known as the Vesper. Here's his Vesper recipe: 1) 1-1.5 oz of vodka (he recommends Ellsbury Duck), 2) 1-1.5 oz of gin 3) .5 oz of lillet. 4) Stir with ice. 5) Strain. 6) Serve with lemon garnish.



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