Man Earns $90K Per Year Playing Bar Games

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Man Earns $90K Per Year Playing Bar Games

Man Earns $90K Per Year Playing Bar Games
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Man Earns $90K Per Year Playing Bar Games

by Broken News Daily 1:38 mins

Man Earns $90K Per Year Playing Bar Games

by Broken News Daily 1:38 mins

English lit grad Christian Drummond makes 60,000 pounds (or $90k) a year playing pub quiz machines all over England. Yep, in England there are machines in bars that ask you questions and then give you money. It's sort of like an ATM for super smart people. To accomplish the goal, Drummond has hit up over 10,000 pubs and has memorized a lot of useless stuff -- like the names of all 500 Charles Dickens characters. And you thought an English degree was useless...

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