Mali, RFI mourning over death of two French journalists

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Mali, RFI mourning over death of two French journalists

Mali, RFI mourning over death of two French journalists
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Mali, RFI mourning over death of two French journalists

by AFP Videos 0:36 mins

Mali, RFI mourning over death of two French journalists

by AFP Videos 0:36 mins

SHOTLIST BAMAKO, MALI, 4 NOVEMBRE 2013, SOURCE: AFPTV SOUNDBITE 1 Marie-Christine Saragosse (woman), chief executive of France Médias Monde, which owns RFI (French, 28 sec): "Mali is in mourning, we are receiving testimonials from around the world. We are all in mourning, and the president was first and foremost a human being with us earlier today, with a lot of emotion. But for all of us there is also a lot of anger and indignation with regards to what happened, an act that was both barbaric and absurd, and in the end profoundly foolish." -VAR of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita -VAR of Cécile Mégie, RFI's executive editor, Gilles Huberson, the French ambassador to Mali, and Marie-Christine Saragosse, chief executive of France Médias Monde (which owns RFI), meeting with Malian president Ibrahim Boubacar Keita. /// -------------------------------------------------------- AFP TEXT STORY: Mali-unrest-media-president Mali leader vows to hunt down killers of French journalists =(PICTURE+VIDEO)= BAMAKO, Nov 4, 2013 (AFP) - Malian President Ibrahim Boubacar Keita vowed on Monday that everything would be done to find the killers of two French journalists shot dead in the rebel-infested northern desert. Ghislaine Dupont, 57, and Claude Verlon, 55, were kidnapped and killed by what French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said were "terrorist groups" in the flashpoint northeastern town of Kidal on Saturday. "We will do everything to find the culprits," Keita said as he met in Bamako with members of the management of Radio France Internationale (RFI), the station where the pair worked. "Today even, we have opened a criminal investigation into the killings and tonight French investigators are expected here to work hand-in-hand with their Malian counterparts," he added. "We share the shock, we too are overwhelmed by the emotion," he said, announcing that he would attend a ceremony Monday in honour of the journalists and that he would decorate them posthumously on behalf of Mali. Keita admitted that Kidal, the cradle of the Tuareg people and the focus of several separatist rebellions from within the community, had slipped out of the control of Mali's security forces. "The sovereignty of Mali over Kidal must be a reality... I want everyone to take responsibility," he said. sd-stb/f/txw

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