Mahmoud Abbas meets Sonia Gandhi

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Mahmoud Abbas meets Sonia Gandhi

Mahmoud Abbas meets Sonia Gandhi
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Mahmoud Abbas meets Sonia Gandhi

by Ani 0:50 mins

Mahmoud Abbas meets Sonia Gandhi

by Ani 0:50 mins

Palestine President Mahmoud Abbas today met Congress Chief Sonia Gandhi and the party's General Secretary Rahul Gandhi along with several other leaders as part of his two day visit to the country. Abbas sought to secure India's support for 'non member' status in the United Nations. Previous Palestinian attempts to improve their formal status at the global body - a U.N. observer "entity" with no voting rights - have failed. Abbas had also said that his country was open to negotiations with Israel on 'two-states solution'. During his joint press statement with Manmohan Singh in New Delhi, Abbas said that Palestine is willing and committed on resolving the years long rivalry with Israel through a 'two-states solution'. This is his fourth visit to India.

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