Mads Mikkelsen returns to Cannes in new film

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Mads Mikkelsen returns to Cannes in new film

Mads Mikkelsen returns to Cannes in new film
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Mads Mikkelsen returns to Cannes in new film

by AFP Videos 1:15 mins

Mads Mikkelsen returns to Cannes in new film

by AFP Videos 1:15 mins

SHOTLIST CANNES, France, 24 May 2013 SOURCE: AFPTV -GVs press conference SOUNDBITE 1, Mads Mikkelsen, Actor (English, 28 sec): "You know what fascinated me very much with Arnaud when I met him for the first time in Copenhagen -- I loved the script already at that time and I had a few suggestions. Normally when you have your first meeting and come with your suggestions, the director would say, 'Yes, that's very very interesting, let's have a look at it.' But Arnaud said, 'No. No.' And he kept saying no to all my suggestions. And I found that not only was the script really radical, but Arnaud was extremely radical." -GVs press conference SOUNDBITE 2, Mads Mikkelsen, Actor (English, 29 sec): "Working in French is obviously very very difficult when you're Danish. And we made a pact that I would work as much as I could -- constantly, nonstop. And when we were shooting the scenes, we would not talk about it any more, that was it. That was the deal, and we kept it. Because obviously as an actor you have to be free of the words. It's like wearing a hat. And this hat was very difficult to wear." -GVs press conference ----------------------------------------------- NO AFP TEXT STORY

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