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Love In Any Genre

Love In Any Genre
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Love In Any Genre

by Viddsee 15:59 mins

Love In Any Genre

by Viddsee 15:59 mins

3rd Singapore Short Film Awards - Nominated for Best Art Direction, Performance. "Love In Any Genre is a Romantic Comedy that pays homage to the different film styles experienced by the director when growing up - Korean, Bollywood, French and Malaysian. The protagonist is Yazid, whose behavior and personality are influenced by the many films he watches. He cannot differentiate between reel and real life. He starts to want to discover his true self after meeting an aspiring actress, Amy. At first, she plays along with his antics but as feelings begin to grow, she finds the relationship may not work because of this. Is this a mental illness? Will Amy accept Yazid for who he really is? Can Yazid realize that life is never like the movies? Will he change for the sake of Amy?" About Singapore Short Film Awards: The Singapore Short Film Awards (SSFA) serves as an annual celebration of Singapore short films and welcomes submission of films released in the past year, and it is the only platform that recognizes excellence in short films in Singapore. The key objectives of SSFA is to establish a stronger sense of community within the short filmmaking scene between more established ones and emerging filmmakers and to uncover new talents by showcasing short films that might have not gotten the attention they deserved. The SSFA strives to acknowledge not just the filmmakers, but also the ones who help the film to get off the ground, onto the screen. From Art Directors, to Editors, everyone deserves an opportunity to shine. The SSFA also aims to celebrate local film talents through a locally run event that creates pride and a sense of belonging. For more info, visit:

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