'SNL' flashback: Early glimpse of Tina and Amy's magic

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'SNL' flashback: Early glimpse of Tina and Amy's magic

'SNL' flashback: Early glimpse of Tina and Amy's magic
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'SNL' flashback: Early glimpse of Tina and Amy's magic

by Saturday Night Live 2:48 mins

'SNL' flashback: Early glimpse of Tina and Amy's magic

by Saturday Night Live 2:48 mins

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler don't fake that very funny chemistry — the pair's friendship goes back two decades. Good news for fans of their working together: The two "Saturday Night Live" legends will host the Golden Globes for the second time in January, and have been asked to return the following year as well. The two have a shared history: They met while taking a class at Chicago's ImprovOlympic in 1993. Even then, they stood out. "They were just instantly brilliant ... they were not the typical women who get steamrolled by men," co-founder of ImprovOlympic Charna Halpern told Vulture. "[They] were no shrinking violets. They were bold and ballsy and fearless." The fearless females eventually ended up as cast members of "Saturday Night Live," and from 2004-2006, co-anchored "Weekend Update." The buddies boldly took risks, using the word "bitch" to describe Hillary Clinton (in a good way). Fey and Poehler each left "SNL" to star in their own TV shows – Fey's "30 Rock" recently ended, and Poehler continues to star in the hilarious "Parks and Recreation." They also teamed up in the 2008 comedy "Baby Mama." Together, the two never seem to stop goofing off. "Being a tough, capable broad has never been easy — look at us. Although we did have a lot of fun on 'Baby Mama.' Boy, did we play a lot of pranks on each other," Amy Poehler said in an interview for Marie Claire magazine. "We love pranks," Tina Fey joked. "I mean, we're kind of like Cloons [Clooney] and Damon that way, doing a lot of, like, $250,000 pranks. I did a really funny prank where I got my assistant to paint all the cars in your neighborhood white so you would wake up and think it was snowing. That was a good one." That wasn't even their first movie together. In 2004, Poehler appeared in "Mean Girls," which Tina Fey wrote and starred in. Lindsay Lohan, also in the movie and a rising star at the time, had become a target of real-life "mean girl" gossip. In this clip from "Weekend Update," the teen came on the show to dispel the rumors (sort of) to Poehler and Fey, who were supposed to be her mentors, but acted more like jealous -- if caring -- older sisters. Take a look.

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