Liberty Handles Dignan, BCHS

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Liberty Handles Dignan, BCHS

Liberty Handles Dignan, BCHS
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Liberty Handles Dignan, BCHS

by KERO - Bakersfield Videos 0:32 mins

Liberty Handles Dignan, BCHS

by KERO - Bakersfield Videos 0:32 mins

The Liberty Patriots used their quickness to get inside often for easy buckets in the team's 48-27 win over Bakersfield Christian and new coach Brian Dignan Wednesday night at the East Tournament at East High. Liberty drove repeatedly to the bucket for a series of layups in the third quarter by beating the Eagles press. The Eagles fell to 2-3 on the year while the Patriots improved to 6-4 and advancing to Thursday's quarterfinal round against Visalia-Redwood, who edged Highland 62-60. Bakersfield High als

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