Lady Gaga Blasts ‘ArtPop’ Critics

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Lady Gaga Blasts ‘ArtPop’ Critics

Lady Gaga Blasts ‘ArtPop’ Critics
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Lady Gaga Blasts ‘ArtPop’ Critics

by Wochit 0:50 mins

Lady Gaga Blasts ‘ArtPop’ Critics

by Wochit 0:50 mins

Pop superstar Lady Gaga has accused music critics of slating her album “ArtPop” because they failed to understand its concept. Gaga has now responded to an article posted on, titled “ Five Reasons Why Lady Gaga’s Artpop Flopped ,” arguing that critics just didn’t understand what she was trying to achieve. In response to an extract of the article, which branded the album “too long” and full of “b-sides,” re-posted on her Littlemonsters.


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