Kid Finds Egyptian Mummy in Attic?

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Kid Finds Egyptian Mummy in Attic?

Kid Finds Egyptian Mummy in Attic?
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Kid Finds Egyptian Mummy in Attic?

by Broken News Daily 2:26 mins

Kid Finds Egyptian Mummy in Attic?

by Broken News Daily 2:26 mins

A German boy was playing in his Grandmother’s attic when he found a mummy. Well, they claim it's a mummy and we're not archaeologists, but the artifacts look a little bit like leftover props from the "Walk Like An Egyptian" video. But you never know, maybe this kid found a real mummy. It's the news. 10-year-old Alexander Kettler was in his grandmother’s attic in the German town of Diepholz when he found three mysterious wooden crates tucked away in a dark corner. Alex and his father, Lutz Wolfgang Kettler, opened the crates, and that’s when they found the mummy in a sarcophagus, as well as an earthenware Egyptian mask and a Canopic Jar, which the Egyptians used to keep the entrails of the deceased. Yuck.

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