Twitter's Role in Ferguson

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Twitter's Role in Ferguson

Twitter's Role in Ferguson
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Twitter's Role in Ferguson

by Yahoo News Video 2:17 mins

Twitter's Role in Ferguson

by Yahoo News Video 2:17 mins

Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey. a St. Louis native, talks about how the social media tool is bringing people together during breaking news stories.

News with Katie Couric


  1. 13:39

    President Obama Gets Tough on Environment

  2. 2:33

    Ferguson's new police chief works to reform department

  3. 0:56

    Bobbi Kristina Brown laid to rest in New Jersey

  4. 1:32

    Beloved HitchBOT destroyed in Philadelphia

  5. 0:18

    Cameras capture collapse of construction cranes

  6. 2:17

    Amy Schumer, Chuck Schumer Call for Stricter Gun Control


  1. 12:28

    Napster: Culture of Free

  2. 20:26

    Beyond To Kill a Mockingbird: Harper Lee's Lost Novel

  3. 30:06

    Uniquely Nasty: The U.S. Government's War on Gays

  4. 5:58

  5. 6:27

    Bikers change lives of abused children

  6. 7:56

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    Iconic ‘Up’ house in Seattle will continue to stand

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    ‘Pied Piper of L.A.’ spotted rocking out in his car again

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    Tituss Burgess, Tina Fey and Jane Krakowski lip-sync to Beyoncé

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    Local TV station asks people for their moon pictures, Internet responds in the best way

New York Times

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