Katie Couric's beauty tips

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Katie Couric's beauty tips

Katie Couric's beauty tips
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Katie Couric's beauty tips

by Daily Shot 3:08 mins


Katie Couric's beauty tips

by Daily Shot 3:08 mins


The newly engaged journalist sat down with Ali to share some inexpensive beauty secrets — and the surprising thing that she's still insecure about after all these years. Katie Couric has plenty to smile about after her just-announced engagement to boyfriend John Molner. Luckily for us, she recently stopped by "Daily Shot" to talk beauty secrets with Ali, and she shared an easy tip for keeping pearly whites sparkling. "Take a whitening toothpaste, any brand," Katie says. "Put it across your teeth, and then when you get in the shower, you just keep it there. ... It will do the same thing as whitening strips." The 56-year-old also keeps her skin glowing by always trying to wash her face before going to bed, even though she admits to slipping up every once in a while. "Sometimes I forget, and I rationalize it and say, well, it's good because I'm not drying out my face with water," she said. Katie also stresses the importance of exercising to keep a youthful look. "I try to spin," she says. "You burn a lot of calories, and it's so good for cardiovascular health ... because it does really push you." Another routine? "I try to walk with my friends to socialize instead of going out to lunch." To find out what the journalist is most insecure about, despite getting many compliments on it, check out this episode of "Daily Shot."

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