JWoww Reveals The Sex Of Her Baby

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JWoww Reveals The Sex Of Her Baby

JWoww Reveals The Sex Of Her Baby
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JWoww Reveals The Sex Of Her Baby

by Wochit 0:37 mins

JWoww Reveals The Sex Of Her Baby

by Wochit 0:37 mins

Jenni "JWoww" Farley has revealed whether its a boy or girl that she'll be having. Unfortunately, JWoww's baby probably won't be wearing hand-me-downs from BFF Snooki's baby boy Lorenzo, because JWoww is having a girl. She shared the happy news in the pages of Us Weekly, saying: " She will be my best friend and daddy's little girl. I can't wait for everything from her first steps to her first dance class." Farley also says that she was expecting that her first child with fiancé Roger Mathews would be a boy.


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