The Barry Gibb Talk Show

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The Barry Gibb Talk Show

The Barry Gibb Talk Show
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The Barry Gibb Talk Show

by Saturday Night Live 5:13 mins

The Barry Gibb Talk Show

by Saturday Night Live 5:13 mins

Jimmy Fallon's great at many things. But keeping a straight face is not always one of them. The talk show host's six years on "Saturday Night Live" (1998-2004) were peppered with spontaneous and unscripted giggles, always to the audience's delight. To be fair, he never acted alone: Take this contagious crackup during "The Barry Gibb Talk Show" from 2003. First-time host Justin Timberlake plays Robin Gibb, the silent sidekick to Fallon's unhinged brother Barry as he waxes on about "real important issues" with high-profile guests. It's a slow build; about a minute and a half in Fallon's big smile is a sign of what's coming. Shortly after it's obvious Timberlake's struggling to keep it together. The big break happens two and a half minutes in, when an exchange of glances pushes them both over the edge.

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