John Cena To Replace Fred Flintstone?

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John Cena To Replace Fred Flintstone?

John Cena To Replace Fred Flintstone?
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John Cena To Replace Fred Flintstone?

by Broken News Daily 2:05 mins

John Cena To Replace Fred Flintstone?

by Broken News Daily 2:05 mins

"Wilma must be happy!" might be your first thought when you hear that John Cena would be replacing Fred Flintstone. I mean, what animated lady from the 60's wouldn't want to trade in their Ralph Kramden rip-off of a husband for a 19-time WWE champion? But as it turns out, Cena's just doing a guest run on the front of Fruity Pebbles cereal boxes. It's a shame really. Wilma deserves a champion.

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