Jim Parsons "Not Engaged" To Todd Spiewak

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Jim Parsons "Not Engaged" To Todd Spiewak

Jim Parsons "Not Engaged" To Todd Spiewak
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Jim Parsons "Not Engaged" To Todd Spiewak

by Wochit 1:20 mins

Jim Parsons "Not Engaged" To Todd Spiewak

by Wochit 1:20 mins

The National Enquirer isn't exactly reliable. After all, the tabloid recently claimed that Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka are on the brink of divorce (a claim the Hedwig actor denied via a happy family photo). And in the very same issue, sources said The Big Bang Theory's Jim Parsons recently proposed to Todd Spiewak, his boyfriend of 12 years. According to The National Enquirer, Spiewak had "wanted to get married for a long time" and felt as if they were "treading water in their relationship." Parsons, who will earn a reported $1 million per episode as part of his recently renegotiated Big Bang Theory contract, was supposedly "scared of change." However, a source claimed he had a change of heart, saying, "He finally told Todd, 'The thought of losing you is scarier than anything I can imagine.'" That's when Parsons decided to propose...according to The National Enquirer. In reality, the proposal never took place. Sharing a picture of himself posing with Spiewak, Parsons told his Instagram followers Friday, "Me and Todd in 2003. Still very happy today... And NOT engaged!


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