Jerry Lewis 'bothered' by female comics

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Jerry Lewis 'bothered' by female comics

Jerry Lewis 'bothered' by female comics
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Jerry Lewis 'bothered' by female comics

by AFP Videos 1:38 mins

Jerry Lewis 'bothered' by female comics

by AFP Videos 1:38 mins

SHOTLIST CANNES, France, 23 May 2013 SOURCE: AFPTV - Press conference SOUNDBITE 1, Jerry Lewis, Actor and Comedian (English, 30 sec): [on female comedians] "It bothers me. Just as I'm sure you see an actor or an actress that annoys you and you have no idea why. But I cannot sit and watch a lady diminish her qualities to the lowest common denominator. I just can't do that." Daniel Noah: "Jerry, who are your favourite female comedians?" "My favourite female comedian is Carey Grant." - Press conference SOUNDBITE 2, Jerry Lewis, Actor and Comedian (English, 22 sec): [on Daniel Noah] "He's a first-time director, and probably the best I've ever seen in 50 years. I have a hunch he was directing movies in Thailand for years, under another name...Sik Kok Wo-Men." [laughs] - Press conference SOUNDBITE 3, Jerry Lewis, Actor and Comedian (English, 31 sec): "It's a very difficult thing to do for the crazy clown that has been doing one thing for 60 years, and now he asks me to do something else. I was happy to do it because I felt every moment of this film, as I can't say about any other film. But it is an incredible, incredible movie that's going to give a lot of people a lot of pleasure." - Press conference

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