Cold Open: Obama Visits Biden

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Cold Open: Obama Visits Biden

Cold Open: Obama Visits Biden
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Cold Open: Obama Visits Biden

by Saturday Night Live 5:16 mins

Cold Open: Obama Visits Biden

by Saturday Night Live 5:16 mins

Former "Saturday Night Live" cast member Jason Sudeikis won raves for his Joe impressions, skewering the veep's rep as a hothead to Obama's poised do-gooder. In this May, 2012 flashback, Biden pouts in his bedroom - complete with a Beach Boys poster and toy train set - because, as he tells "President Jerk Face" (played by Fred Armisen): "I was the first one to say [gay marriage] should be legal but now you're the one getting all the credit!" Adding to the burn, Obama tells him he's going to a gala with Lady Gaga and Elton John. Whines Biden, "vice presidents never get to go anywhere!" But he's got something special in store with a visit from special secret friend, George W. Bush. The crowd goes wild when Will Ferrell emerges from Biden's closet to reprise his famous impersonation. The duo's ensuing venting session on the bummers of holding office is comedy gold.

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