Deadly virus saves student's life

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Deadly virus saves student's life

Deadly virus saves student's life
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Deadly virus saves student's life

by WYFF - Greenville Videos 2:16 mins

Deadly virus saves student's life

by WYFF - Greenville Videos 2:16 mins

"I wasn't given very long to live," Stephanie Lipscomb explains of her terrifying brain tumor diagnosis. Just 20, the college student and nurse in training suffered debilitating headaches and misdiagnoses before doctors delivered the news. "I couldn't bathe myself, or clothe myself," she recalls. After surgery, chemo and radiation, the cancer came back. But still, "I never felt like I was going to die, even after... my diagnosis. Doctors at Duke University gave her the chance to be the first human to undergo an experimental treatment. "Before she even told me what it was, I was like, 'I'll do it,'" Stephanie says. "That was God in me. He was telling me, 'I got you, Stephanie. This is your cure." Doctors injected a version of the polio virus into Stephanie's tumor -- she is now cancer-free. Her amazing medical story is featured in the new People magazine. In December she'll graduate from nursing school at the University of Southern Carolina. Vibrant and grateful Stephanie says: "God did not raise me up to be 20 years old and let me go through the things I went through just to kill me off with cancer."

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