Inside Stacy Keibler's Baby Shower

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Inside Stacy Keibler's Baby Shower

Inside Stacy Keibler's Baby Shower
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Inside Stacy Keibler's Baby Shower

by The Insider 1:10 mins

Inside Stacy Keibler's Baby Shower

by The Insider 1:10 mins

First comes love, then comes baby, then comes a beautiful baby shower! Stacy Keibler, 34, is expecting her first child with husband Jared Pobre and the mama-to-be celebrated with a baby shower at her Beverly Hills home over the weekend. The "Supermarket Superstar" host gushed about the occasion on Instagram. "So much #love!" she wrote alongside a pic of her surrounded by her family and friends. "Thank u to all my beautiful friends and family for celebrating our little angels arrival!"

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