Inside the 'Mortal Instruments' Meet and Greet

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Inside the 'Mortal Instruments' Meet and Greet

Inside the 'Mortal Instruments' Meet and Greet
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Inside the 'Mortal Instruments' Meet and Greet

by Wochit 0:56 mins

Inside the 'Mortal Instruments' Meet and Greet

by Wochit 0:56 mins

Lily Collins and her Mortal Instruments: City of Bones family continued their mall tour this week with a special meet and greet with fans on the west coast. Smithsonian scientists have announced they have discovered a new species of mammals, the first significant find in 35 years. And as the greatest minds in science have described it, "It looks kind of like a fuzzball." Meet the olinguito (pron: "oh-lihn-GEE'-toe), the newest creature in the running to become your spirit animal. Craving some more new Demi Lovato? We don't blame you! While the super talented singer has already released her latest album "Demi," we'll get to watch "Heart By Heart" fuse with the visuals of a sci-fi love story in "Mortal Instrument: City Of Bones" on August 21st.

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