Imran Khan to open animal shelter!

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Imran Khan to open animal shelter!

Imran Khan to open animal shelter!
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Imran Khan to open animal shelter!

by Ani 0:53 mins

Imran Khan to open animal shelter!

by Ani 0:53 mins

Everyone knows Imran Khan is a big animal lover. Khan has five cats and one dog at his Pali Hill residence and all of them have either been picked up from the street or brought to him by friends and neighbors who know the animals will find care. And now, Imran wants to open a care centre for animals. He has also purchased a few acres of land for the shelter which will also have specialized vets in charge who will take care of the stray dogs properly till someone decides to adopt them. Well...working for such a noble clause is very much remarkable...Imran! Keep up the good work...

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