IDF Demolish Home of 'Terrorist' in West Bank

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IDF Demolish Home of 'Terrorist' in West Bank

IDF Demolish Home of 'Terrorist' in West Bank
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IDF Demolish Home of 'Terrorist' in West Bank

by Storyful 1:17 mins

IDF Demolish Home of 'Terrorist' in West Bank

by Storyful 1:17 mins

The Israel Defense Force (IDF) raided and blew up a house belonging to Ziyad Awad in western Hebron on July 1. Israel say Awad was responsible for the killing of an Israeli policeman in April. According to reports quoting an IDF statement, the IDF said they would take all “legal steps” necessary to deter further attacks on Israeli citizens.“The implementation of the demolition order serves to deter and conveys a severe warning to terrorists and their accomplices that their actions will bear severe consequences,” IDF Lieutenant-Colonel Peter Lerner said. Credit: YouTube/Israel Defense Force

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