ICRC Calls for the Killing in Gaza to Stop

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ICRC Calls for the Killing in Gaza to Stop

ICRC Calls for the Killing in Gaza to Stop
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ICRC Calls for the Killing in Gaza to Stop

by Storyful 3:21 mins

ICRC Calls for the Killing in Gaza to Stop

by Storyful 3:21 mins

As the Israeli-Palestinian conflict entered its 23rd day on July 30, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) condemned the continued humanitarian law violations taking place in Gaza and called for the killing to stop. The announcement came on the same day that yet another United Nations-run school was struck by shelling.ICRC workers visited Al Aqsa hospital in Deir El Balah, Gaza, on Wednesday, to survey the conditions in the wake of repeated attacks. The committee called the targeting of humanitarian workers, ambulances and hospitals “extremely alarming.” “The human cost in Gaza is too high,” Robert Mardini, ICRC’s Head of Operations for the Middle East, said. “Too many people are being killed and wounded including children, women, men and the elderly. They are being damaged in their bodies and in their minds.” “The question here is not to see who is respecting which rule of war and who is violating which other the rule of war. We are facing a major humanitarian emergency. We are calling for the destruction to stop now and we are calling for the killing to stop now.” Credit: International Committee of the Red Cross

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