Homosexual Poles hopeful for change

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Homosexual Poles hopeful for change

Homosexual Poles hopeful for change
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Homosexual Poles hopeful for change

by AFP Videos 2:03 mins

Homosexual Poles hopeful for change

by AFP Videos 2:03 mins

SCRIPT: For seventeen years Ania and Yga have shared the same appartment and built a life together. Yet, in the eyes of Polish law, as a couple, they don't exist. In particular Poland's right-wing Law and Justice party says same-sex partnerships go against the Polish constitution, which says marriage is a union between a man and a woman. Gay couples are afforded very limited rights, but these can be overruled by the couple's families. SOUNDBITE 1 Anna Zawadzka (woman) Warsaw resident (Polish, 11 sec): "It's humiliating when I fill out administrative documents, because when I write that I'm Yga's partner the official sees the word 'partner' and changes it to 'other'." SOUNDBITE 2 Yga Kostrzewa (woman) Warsaw resident (Polish, 12 sec): "This document signed and stamped by a lawyer allows us to have some rights. We can be informed about each other's health, sign documents or access credit for both of us." Poland's lower house of parliament recently voted against three bills about civil unions between homosexual couples. One of them- presented with the support of Prime Minister Donald Tusk- was rejected by just 13 votes. An encouraging sign for the openly gay politician Robert Biedron- deputy leader of the liberal Palikot movement. SOUNDBITE 3 Robert Biedron (man) Deputy of the Palikot movement (Polish, 12 sec): "We will keep proposing these bills until one of them is accepted! Because we want to live in an equal society, without exclusion and discrimination. I can't imagine Poland as a country where civil unions aren't recognised." As a largely Catholic country, it's no surprise that recent surveys show 80 per cent of Poles are against gay marriage and 90 per cent oppose homosexual couples adopting children. Even so, this doesn't deter gay activists like Jakub. SOUNDBITE 4 Jakub Lendzion (man) Gay activist (Polish, 13 sec): "Parliament's decision has motivated me to continue to work and to do even more to change people's mentalities so homosexual couples may be recognised." Although the latest bills were rejected in parliament, the topic of gay rights in Poland is increasingly in the media spotlight - some comfort for the country's homosexual minority. SHOTLIST : WARSAW, POLAND. 30-31 JAN 2013. SOURCE: AFPTV -VAR of Ania and Yga Kostrzewa in their apartment SOUNDBITE 1 & 2 - VAR of Polish parliament WARSAW, POLAND. NOV 2011. SOURCE: AFPTV -VAR of inside Polish parliament and Prime Minister Donald Tusk WARSAW, POLAND. 30-31 JAN 2013. SOURCE: AFPTV -VAR of Robert Biedron, Deputy of the Palikot movement, at a press conference SOUNDBITE 3 WARSAW, POLAND. JAN 2012. SOURCE: AFPTV - VAR of inside a Catholic church during mass WARSAW, POLAND. 30-31 JAN 2013. SOURCE: AFPTV - VAR of Jakub Lendzion working at an anti-homophobic organisation SOUNDBITE 4 WARSAW, POLAND. 2 JUNE 2012. SOURCE: AFPTV -VAR of gay pride

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