Homophobic incidents rise in France

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Homophobic incidents rise in France

Homophobic incidents rise in France
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Homophobic incidents rise in France

by AFP Videos 1:09 mins

Homophobic incidents rise in France

by AFP Videos 1:09 mins

SHOTLIST PARIS, 14 May 2013 SOURCE: AFPTV -GVs press conference SOUNDBITE 1, Elisabeth Ronzier, President, SOS Homophobie (French, 10 sec): "We have nearly 30 percent more testimonies in 2012 than in previous years, which is clearly related to the debate on same-sex marriage." -GVs press conference SOUNDBITE 2, Elisabeth Ronzier, President, SOS Homophobie (French, 17 sec): "The main evidence of homophobia is insults -- whether they're on the internet, in public places, in families, or at work. That's the primary means of homophobia on display. However, it can be extremely violent, and can even go as far as harassment, discrimination, or physical assault." -GVs press conference SOUNDBITE 3, Jean-Philippe Rathle, Co-author of annual report (French, 21 sec): "The proliferation of messages on forums and social networking sites -- which bordered on hate-speech -- deeply shocked a lot of homosexuals and heterosexuals, who called us to share their distress over what they'd read on the internet." -GVs press conference ---------------------------------------------------- NO AFP TEXT STORY

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