Holy City turns racetrack for F1 Peace Roadshow

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Holy City turns racetrack for F1 Peace Roadshow

Holy City turns racetrack for F1 Peace Roadshow
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Holy City turns racetrack for F1 Peace Roadshow

by AFP Videos 1:17 mins

Holy City turns racetrack for F1 Peace Roadshow

by AFP Videos 1:17 mins

SHOTLIST JERUSALEM, JUNE 13, 2013, SOURCE: AFPTV - VAR of press conference - VAR of pilots getting their official T-shirts SOUNDBITE 1 - Rodolfo Gonzalez (man), test pilot for the Marussia F1 team (English, 15 sec) "It's a fantastic opportunity, one which I intend to make the most out of and you know, I think, any moment you drive a Formula 1 car has to be really special." SOUNDBITE 2 - Giancarlo Fisichella (man), pilot for Scuderia Ferrari F1 team (English, 21 sec) "I think today is going to be an incredible feeling, special feeling. You know, to be part today of this historic day, for the city, for the peace, I'm really proud about it. SOUNDBITE 3 - Nir Barkat (man), Jerusalem mayor (English, 16 sec) "The first event in Israel that is defined as a sport event, In the name of cars to drive in the city 240 kilometres per hour. Never in the history of Israel was this legal." /// --------------------------------------------------------------- AFP TEXT STORY: Israel-auto-prix-moto-ISR,lead Holy City turns racetrack for F1 Peace Roadshow JERUSALEM, June 13, 2013 (AFP) - The Ferrari and Marussia Formula 1 teams were burning rubber in the first Jerusalem F1 Peace Roadshow on Thursday, roaring around the Holy City at speeds of up to 240 kilometres (150 miles) per hour. Tens of thousands of excited spectators were at the event, with some of the world's fastest cars were tearing up the streets on a 2.8-kilometre (1.7 mile) circuit which passes below the walls of the Old City. Large areas of the city were roped off ahead of the event which featured at least seven international racing drivers, as well as top Superbike and stunt riding champions. Ahead of the two-day roadshow, police boosted security in and around the city, deploying 600 officers to secure the course and the surrounding area. Three-time F1 Grand Prix winner Giancarlo Fisichella will be driving for Ferrari, and Venezuela's Rodolfo Gonzalez, who was recently named to the Marussia F1 team, will also take part. Max Biaggi, former world Superbike champion will also be riding as will world stunt riding champion Chris Pfeiffer, organisers said. Asked why the event was billed as a "peace roadshow", municipal spokeswoman Brachie Sprung said: "This unprecedented event in Jerusalem will enable spectators from all backgrounds and religions to gather together in awe and admiration of this momentous road show. "Mayor (Nir) Barkat strongly believes that the love of sports can build a bridge between the people of Jerusalem, the region, and the world," she said in a statement emailed to AFP. Speaking to the media ahead of the race on Thursday, Barket explained to AFP that the "peace" element of the race was in the fact that "sports, from my experience, bring people together with a message of peace and a message of coexistence." "All people love motorsports, you'll see around the track Muslims and Christians and Jews from all neighbourhoods of Jerusalem who came to watch a sport they love, no politics -- sports," he said. sy-jjm/nr

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