Hollywood Jailbirds

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Hollywood Jailbirds

Hollywood Jailbirds
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Hollywood Jailbirds

by The A-List 1:22 mins

Hollywood Jailbirds

by The A-List 1:22 mins

Even the Hollywood elite aren't safe from the strong arm of the law. Feat: Robert Downey Jr, OJ Simpson, Mel Gibson, Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes.

The Insider

  1. 0:58

    Shaq Hilariously Documents Cringeworthy Pedicure

  2. 1:14

    Lily-Rose Depp Celebrates Her Super ‘Sour’ 16

  3. 'Cruel Intentions' Reunion!

  4. 1:26

    Chris Pratt Shows Off His Skills on Elton John's Piano

  5. 1:25

    Caught on Snapchat: Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Reunite!

  6. 1:48

    Natalie Portman Addresses Harvard Seniors

The Hollywood Reporter

  1. 3:43

    Lena Dunham On 'Girls' Racial Backlash: "It Was an Educational, Painful Process for Me"

  2. 4:51

    Tracee Ellis Ross: "I Think Racism Usually Trumps" Sexism in Hollywood

  3. 4:29

    Kate McKinnon on Playing Hillary Clinton: "I Feel Immense Pressure"

  4. 3:06

    Ellie Kemper on Kimmy Schmidt Character: "She is Very Girlishly Powerful"

  5. 4:59

    Amy Schumer on the Power of Self-Deprecation: “It’s Definitely Very Important to Me"

  6. 4:14

    'Jane the Virgin' Star Gina Rodriguez: "I'm a Brown Girl. I Have to Cross All the Lines Just to Be Known."