Hollande rules out supertax relief for football clubs

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Hollande rules out supertax relief for football clubs

Hollande rules out supertax relief for football clubs
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Hollande rules out supertax relief for football clubs

by AFP Videos 0:31 mins

Hollande rules out supertax relief for football clubs

by AFP Videos 0:31 mins

SHOTLIST BRUSSELS, 25 Oct 2013 source AFPTV SOUNDBITE 1, François Hollande, French President (French, 22 sec): "The law must be the same for everyone. The tax law has not been voted on yet, but once it's voted in it will be the same for all businesses whatever they might be. That's not to preclude a dialogue about the difficulties some professional clubs may be facing, but everyone has to know the rule and the rule is the same." -VAR of Hollande /// ------------------------------------------------------- AFP TEXT STORY Hollande rules out supertax relief for footballers BRUSSELS, Oct 25, 2013 (AFP) - President Francois Hollande ruled out Friday any special exemption for France's football clubs as clubs angered at the country's 75-percent tax on its highest earners ready for unprecedented strike action. "The rules are the same for everyone," Hollande told a press conference after a summit of EU leaders in Brussels. "The tax law is the same for all companies," the Socialist president said, even if "that needn't exclude dialogue on certain difficulties this creates for clubs". The French players union announced on Thursday their intention to strike around fixtures scheduled from November 30. The strike, if maintained, will be a first lockdown in the professional game since 1972, after a unanimous vote against the controversial supertax. According to Ligue 1 teams, the new law, if implemented next year, would leave them with a 44 million euro tax bill and dissuade foreign talent such as Swedish star Zlatan Ibrahimovic -- who hit four goals in a 5-0 Champions League match at Anderlecht this week -- from signing for French clubs. cb-ha/rt/dh

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