Hipsterhood - S2:E3 - "When Hipsters Date"

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Hipsterhood - S2:E3 - "When Hipsters Date"

Hipsterhood - S2:E3 - "When Hipsters Date"
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Hipsterhood - S2:E3 - "When Hipsters Date"

by Hipsterhood 3:29 mins

Hipsterhood - S2:E3 - "When Hipsters Date"

by Hipsterhood 3:29 mins

Cereal Guy and Faux Fur Girl finally go on a date! Is it magical? Awkward? Horrible? Embarrassing? All of the above? Probably! Watch and find out what happens when hipsters try to impress each other! www.hipsterhoodseries.com Starring - ELIZABETH FERRARIS and KIT WILLIAMSON Guest Star - JOY REGULLANO Creator/Writer/Director - SHILPI ROY Series Producers - SHILPI ROY, MANDI RENO, DAVID MEDINA Producers - JULIA CHO, PARIMAL ROHIT, ELIZABETH FERRARIS, KIT WILLIAMSON Director of Photography and Composer - ANTHONY C KUHNZ Editor - NATASHA BEDU Re-recording sound mixer/designer - MARK ANDERSON Production Sound - ERIC BUCKLIN Wardrobe Supervisor - GIO KENDALL Behind the Scenes - JAYSON STONNE Production Assistants - JUSTIN TURBEEK and BOB URDA EYEWEAR www.sireseyewear.com WARDROBE www.suburbanriot.com PLAYLISTS www.8tracks.com/hipsterhood


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