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'We Need Help' trailer

'We Need Help' trailer
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We Need Help: The Merkin (Cameo: Tim Bagley) [Ep. 1]

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'We Need Help' trailer

by We Need Help 1:19 mins


'We Need Help' trailer

by We Need Help 1:19 mins


"We Need Help" may take place in the world of the rich and semi-famous, but centers around a situation common to almost everyone: a terrible job. Max is a struggling actor and needs work (and just one good showbiz connection wouldn’t hurt either). He's agreed to take the job of being a personal assistant to actresses and friends Cheryl Hines and Rachael Harris (playing – kind of – themselves in the vein of "Curb Your Enthusiasm"). Needing the money to take classes, eat and pay the rent, he's willing to do things no 23-year-old man would ever do and keep his integrity in tact. Stay tuned for this and other Yahoo! Comedy original series premiering this September.

We Need Help


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