Happy Birthday To The World Wide Web!

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Happy Birthday To The World Wide Web!

Happy Birthday To The World Wide Web!
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Happy Birthday To The World Wide Web!

by Wochit 0:50 mins

Happy Birthday To The World Wide Web!

by Wochit 0:50 mins

It’s time to blow out some birthday candle GIFs, because the World Wide Web officially turns 25 years old on Wednesday. Back in 1989, Sir Tim Berners-Lee created a proposal for what would eventually become the Web. Now he is calling for a “digital bill of rights” to advance free and open access to information online. Before Berners-Lee, the Internet was mainly the province of technical experts — known in ‘80s comedies as “nerds” — who communicated through things like bulletin board systems. Then came Berners-Lee with his idea for a “global hypertext system,” which, along with the rise of the Mosaic browser, let people enter a Web address and bring up pages stored on computers across the globe.


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