Gaza teen dies after setting self alight

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Gaza teen dies after setting self alight

Gaza teen dies after setting self alight
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Gaza teen dies after setting self alight

by AFP Videos 2:56 mins

Gaza teen dies after setting self alight

by AFP Videos 2:56 mins

SHOTLIST:GAZA (AL-SHATI REFUGEE CAMP), PALESTINIAN TERRITORIES, SEPTEMBER 3, 2012, SOURCE: AFPTV SOUNDBITE 1 - Sufian Abu Nada (man), Ihab's father (Arabic, 15 sec):"He lit himself on fire. He poured two liters of petrol on himself and he lit himself on fire. May God bless him, he died at the Shifa hospital. He did that to show the community and the world that there are no jobs here, there's a lot of unemployment."SOUNDBITE 2 - Sufian Abu Nada (man), Ihab's father (Arabic, 18 sec):"We can't afford to eat, we can't afford to live, we have to pay 700 shekels a month for rent, water and electricity. All we have left is 200 shekels to live. We have a lot of debts and our situation is very difficult. Our children tried to work. The eldest, Mohammed, quit school to get work but he couldn't find a job."SOUNDBITE 3 - Om Ihab Abu Nada (woman), Ihab's mother (Arabic, 14 sec):"Ever since he (her son Ihab) was born, we've lived in poverty. When he grew up, he tried to find a job to help out his father but he couldn't find work, he couldn't find any solution."SOUNDBITE 4 - Om Ihab Abu Nada (woman), Ihab's mother (Arabic, 24 sec):"I hold the Minsitry of Youth responsible, they don't care about the youth and they don't take their requests into consideration. And they don't give them any job opportunities to held them make the right choices. My son was in a difficult situation and that's why he did what he did but other young people also have a hard time and they end up stealing in order to make some money."1 min 30 sec of images showing:- VAR outside shots of Ihab's parents' house- VAR inside shots of Ihab's parents' house- VAR og Ihab's parents crying and showing a picture of their son- VAR of women who came to pay their respects///---------------------------------------AFP TEXT STORY:Palestinians-Gaza-economy-protest Gaza teen dies after setting self alight =(PICTURE+VIDEO)= GAZA CITY, Palestinian Territories, Sept 3, 2012 (AFP) - A 17-year-old Gazan died on Sunday, four days after setting himself alight in desperation over financial problems, medical sources and his family said on Monday. Ehab Abu al-Nada from Gaza City's Shati refugee camp, set himself on fire on Wednesday outside the city's Al-Shifa hospital, sustaining severe burns, his father Sufian told AFP. "My son Ehab set himself on fire last Wednesday in front of Shifa hospital and died on Sunday," he said. "He poured two litres of petrol on himself because he was out of work." The spokesman for the medical services in Gaza, Ashraf al Qudreh, told AFP that "on August 28, this guy was brought into al-Shifa hospital suffering from serious burns after setting himself on fire". "He was admitted to the emergency room but succumbed to his wounds and died yesterday", he added. The teenager had left school last year to look for work so he could help the family financially but had struggled to find employment, his father said. "He set himself on fire because of unemployment. He wanted to help me provide for this house. "I am a civil defence employee and my salary isn't enough, I provide for eight people and have bank loans," said Abu al-Nada, 40. "I earn 2,100 shekels ($525) -- 700 goes on the rent, and 1,200 on paying the loans, which leaves us only 200 for the rest of the month, which isn't enough," he said. "He was a street vendor selling crisps. Before that, he used to wash dishes in a restaurant for 13 hours a day earning only 30 shekels. Sometimes if there was no work he'd sit at home. "The Hamas police were always chasing him off, to prevent him from selling on the streets," he added, referring to the Islamist movement that controls the Gaza Strip. Police spokesman Ayman al-Batinji said police had "opened an investigation to find out the reasons behind this incident." sa-sy-my-hmw/agr/kir

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