Do You Remember... Aladdin?

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Do You Remember... Aladdin?

Do You Remember... Aladdin?
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Do You Remember... Aladdin?

by Gamezone 3:04 mins

Do You Remember... Aladdin?

by Gamezone 3:04 mins

The Sega Genesis verison of Aladdin was an absolute gem of a game. Familiar music, entertaining and challenging platforming, tons of personality, it was my childhood dream come true. Walk with me on this adventure through nostalgic gaming as we ask if you remember what it was like to play Aladdin on the Sega Genesis. Also, was it just me or did everyone try to re-enact scenes from the game's TV...



  1. 7:43

    Star Wars Battlefront: Sarlacc pit, R2-D2 and C-3PO Easter eggs

  2. 10:01

    HACKSGIVING DISASTER (Grand Theft Smosh)

  3. 2:37

    Black Ops 3: 'The Giant Zombies' map gameplay

  4. 9:16

    Top 10 Arcade Games Of The 1990s

  5. 8:43

    WE'RE THE BEST IN MARIO MAKER (Gametime w/ Smosh Games)

  6. 9:10

    Top 10 Arcade Games Of The 1980s


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    Disgaea 5: Alliance of Vengeance - Thematic Trailer

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    First 5 Minutes: Harley Quinn In Action - Batman: Arkham Knight DLC Gameplay

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    Exclusive First Look: Skellige Armor DLC - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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    XCOM 2 - E3 2015 Gameplay

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    Batman: Arkham Knight Voluntarily Taken Off Steam - GS News Update

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    Check-In: ChampChong & Daniel Muller - E3 2015 Stage Show