Fraternity Scavenger Hunt Offends Everyone

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Fraternity Scavenger Hunt Offends Everyone

Fraternity Scavenger Hunt Offends Everyone
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Fraternity Scavenger Hunt Offends Everyone

by Broken News Daily 1:28 mins

Fraternity Scavenger Hunt Offends Everyone

by Broken News Daily 1:28 mins

A fraternity’s scavenger hunt found in an on-campus printer is causing a stir at Columbia University and beyond after it was posted on The scavenger hunt, believed to be written by the campus’ Pi Kappa Alpha frat, contains offensive sexual, scatological, sexist and just plain annoying items. For example: take a photo of a homeless person burning money, video “pledges piggy-back racing on fat girls” and steal a homeless person's shoe. No wonder these dudes have to pay to have friends.

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