France to approve gay marriage, debate rumbles on

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France to approve gay marriage, debate rumbles on

France to approve gay marriage, debate rumbles on
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France to approve gay marriage, debate rumbles on

by AFP Videos 1:24 mins

France to approve gay marriage, debate rumbles on

by AFP Videos 1:24 mins

SCRIPT: The final text of France's controversial bill lists 23 articles of law. But it's the first which everyone has focused on -- opening up marriage to couples of the same sex. SOUNDBITE 1, Christiane Taubira, French Justice Minister (French, 11 sec): "In opening up this republican institution to same-sex couples, we are quite simply recognising their full citizenship." ["En ouvrant cette institution républicaine aux couples de même sexe, nous reconnaissons tout simplement leur pleine citoyenneté"] In practical terms, when the bill becomes law then all explicit references to a man and a woman in the relevant parts of the civil code will be modified. Gay couples will be able to marry at the town hall -- unlike the existing civil partnerships, which have to be contracted in court. And one partner may now choose to take the name of their spouse. Homosexual couples will have exactly the same rights of inheritance as heterosexual couples. And in one of the most controversial parts of the bill, they'll also have the same rights to adopt a child. What HAS been withdrawn from the new law are specific provisions for same-sex couples to use assisted reproduction techniques like artificial insemination. Opposition to the bill has been vocifierous, and protesters say they're not giving up yet. They still have until the end of May to prevail upon France's Constitutional Court to declare the new law invalid. But if, as expected, it's found to be constitutional, then France can expect to see its first gay marriages by the summer. SHOTLIST SOURCE: AFPTV except as noted -GVs of symbolic (unofficial) gay wedding ceremony carried out by the mayor of Cabestany, 12 Nov 2011 -SOUNDBITE (SOURCE: FRENCH SENATE, NO RESALE for non-editorial purposes) -GVs symbolic ceremony, Cabestany, 12 Nov 2011 -GVs gay couple signing marriage contract in Villejuif, 11 Feb 2012 -GVs gay couple with two children, Olivet, 20 Oct 2012 -GVs anti-gay marriage protesters, Paris, 24 Mar 2013 -GVs women kissing during pro-gay marriage demonstration, Paris, 21 Apr 2013

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