Former convict uses cartoons to tell story of prison violence

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Former convict uses cartoons to tell story of prison violence

Former convict uses cartoons to tell story of prison violence
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Former convict uses cartoons to tell story of prison violence

by AFP Videos 6:32 mins

Former convict uses cartoons to tell story of prison violence

by AFP Videos 6:32 mins

SHOTLIST:Caracas, Venezuela, 20th August 2012, Source: AFPTV (Access All)SOUNDBITE 1, Luidig Ochoa, cartoonist and former convict (Spanish, 20s)"The series is called Prison or Hell, and in it there are lots of the experiences of my friends who've been in jail, friends who died in jail, and so on. I've tried to tell the real story of the prison, the things I couldn't say, that people keep to themselves. And some people have liked what they've seen, but they haven't asked me for more, so this will be all for now" (La serie se llama Carcel o Infierno y ahí pasan muchas experiencias de muchos amigos mios que estuvieron presos, muchos amigos que murieron en la prisión y todo eso. Siempre respetando las cosas serias de la prisión, que no puedo contar, y se mantienen en reserva. Y lo que han visto a la gente le ha gustado, no me han pedido mas y así se va a quedar.)SOUNDBITE 2, Luidig Ochoa, cartoonist and former convict (Spanish, 17s)"At the beginning I started to draw just to entertain myself, show my mum how I felt, or to show myself that I could make a good animation. But after a while I stopped wasting time, and I thought, I have to do something to make other people aware"(Al principio cuando comencé lo hacía por entretenimiento, algo mio, mostrar mi cuestión pero para mi o para mi mamá, o para demostrarme a mi que si puedo hacer una animación buena. Pero después con el tiempo ya se acaba la "mamadera de gallo" (Término que se refiere a "ya se acabò la pérdida de tiempo") Hay que hacer cosas para que los demás tomen consciencia.)SOUNDBITE 3 Luidig Ochoa, cartoonist and former convict (Spanish, 24s)"We all go through the same thing, the suffering is the same whether you're rich or poor, or fat or thin, as people say, we all end up in hell, there's no social distinction.So I wanted people who criticise to understand that there are people in jail who are worth caring about, who want to make something of their lives when they get out, not rob people"(Todos pasamos por lo mismo, el mismo sufrimiento es el mismo del que tiene dinero, al que es pobre, al que es flaco o gordo, ahí todos, como quien dice, en el infierno caemos todos, no hay distinción social. Entonces quiero darle a entender a esas personas que critican sin saber que hay personas dentro de la carcel que valen la pena, que cuando salen de la carcel quieren echarle pichón (término que se refiere a "ser proactivo positivamente"), no quieren estar robando.)SOUNDBITE 4, Luidig Ochoa, cartoonist and former convict (Spanish, 8s)"It's tough, very tough being inside, you're always afraid someone might kill you at any moment"(Es fuerte, es fortisimo estar muerto, así uno tenga privilegios siempre esta el temor de que te van a matar en cualquier momentos)+3min 12s of images including:--Ochoa and friends recording the sound for his cartoons, including a fight scene-Ochoa and friends rehearsing the script before recording-Ochoa working on his cartoons on his laptop in a café+2min 11s of clips from Ochoa's cartoons (Source: Luidig Ochoa, NO RESALE FOR NON EDITORIAL PURPOSES)including:--exterior of a prison during a fight between inmates -guards reviewing and counting the prisoners-a party inside the jail-armed guards watching over prisoners in the exercise yard-the prison gang's leader in his cell (with Playstation, laptop, Blackberry, posters and various other luxuries smuggled into prisons)-a knife fight between prisoners-gang members shooting their guns into the sky from the prison roof-gang members-a gang member shooting an automatic weapon out of his cell window/// AFP Text Story (on conditions in Venezuelan prisons in general, for context) SAN FRANCISCO DE YARE, Venezuela, Aug 20, 2012 (AFP) - Twenty-five people were killed and 43 others hurt in a prison battle in Venezuela as two armed gangs vied for control of a penitentiary near Caracas, authorities said Monday. One of the dead was a visiting relative while the 24 others were prisoners, some of whom were shot in the face at point-blank range during clashes Sunday in the Yare I prison, said minister for prison affairs Iris Varela. The facility was back under control on Monday after the latest bout of violence in Venezuela's overcrowded prison system, where an estimated 300 people have been killed this year. Hundreds of family members were visiting inmates when the violence broke out on Sunday. Some 900 women were still inside the prison on Monday, apparently to protect their jailed relatives. Seventeen of the dead have been identified but fingerprints need to be taken to name the rest because those with gunshot wounds to the face could not be identified, Varela said. Varela said the clashes -- which left 29 prisoners and 14 visiting relatives injured -- erupted after a shot was fired during a "discussion" between leaders of two factions in the prison, though the initial shot did not hit anyone. "It was the spark that lit the fire," she said. "Those responsible for the deaths within the prisons must answer for them," she said earlier Monday, adding that fighting was instigated by inmates "who want to maintain control through force." Local media said the uprising may have been started by prisoners who had been transferred to Yare I from La Planta, a notoriously violent and overcrowded prison in Caracas that was closed after a weeks-long uprising in May. The head of the non-governmental Venezuelan Prison Observatory, Humberto Prado, said that scenario was possible, because the arrival "of a large number of prisoners from La Planta increased overcrowding and tension" at Yare I. Yare I, where President Hugo Chavez was detained after he led a failed coup in 1992, was built to hold 750 people, less than a quarter of the current 3,150 people currently detained there, Prado noted. The government does not issue regular reports on conditions in Venezuelan prisons and does not confirm most violent incidents. In June, it fined a private television network $2.4 million for its coverage of a bloody prison uprising in 2011. An operation to retake the El Rodeo prison, on the outskirts of Caracas, in June 2011 left 25 people dead, and some of the inmates escaped. After that debacle, Chavez gave Varela the task of overhauling a prison system that has 50,000 inmates crammed in facilities built to hold 14,000 people. Human rights groups say that in the year since Chavez created the ministry of prison affairs in July 2011, more than 500 inmates have been killed in violent incidents and another 1,200 injured, more than in previous years. The Venezuelan Prison Observatory said more than 300 inmates have died in the nation's overcrowded prisons during the first half of this year. In July, 28 prisoners were killed and 17 injured in a prison uprising in the western city of Merida that took authorities three weeks to bring under control. Experts say the country's prisons remain a cauldron of violence, ruled from within by gangs with easy access to weapons and beyond the control of corrupt or ineffectual guards. The latest outbreak of violence comes amid a presidential election campaign, and opposition candidate Henrique Capriles has taken aim at Chavez in the past over his government's handling of the prisons.

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