Forget a Meltdown, Beware a Market “Melt-Up”?

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Forget a Meltdown, Beware a Market “Melt-Up”?

Forget a Meltdown, Beware a Market “Melt-Up”?
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Forget a Meltdown, Beware a Market “Melt-Up”?

by DailyTicker 3:23 mins

Forget a Meltdown, Beware a Market “Melt-Up”?

by DailyTicker 3:23 mins

Concerns about a 2008-style market meltdown may be buried under a sea of central bank liquidity, but what about the threat of a market “melt-up?” Some strategists are growing concerned about the prospect of that scenario. The New York Times details the view of one of them – independent economist and strategist Edward Yardeni, who “remains a steadfast market bull” yet “finds himself increasingly preoccupied by a cloud on the horizon: the growing complacency of his fellow investors.”

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