Fitness Tips From Kelly Ripa's Trainer

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Fitness Tips From Kelly Ripa's Trainer

Fitness Tips From Kelly Ripa's Trainer
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Fitness Tips From Kelly Ripa's Trainer

by Daily Shot 4:28 mins

Fitness Tips From Kelly Ripa's Trainer

by Daily Shot 4:28 mins

As the founder of AKT in Motion, celebrity trainer Anna Kaiser has worked with Kelly Ripa, Sarah Jessica Parker, Shakira, and Naomi Watts. But her fitness outlook goes far beyond celebrities toning their abs. "It's not necessarily the people who are touting fitness, it's the ones who make it part of their life," Anna says. "Everybody has a different body. You just want to be your best self in your body." What's the biggest exercise trend that gets serious results? "Interval training," she says, short bursts of cardio mixed in with strength and flexibility poses. "It's the most efficient, effective way to work out because you keep your heart rate up, but you also get the strength at the same time. " Anna discourages traditional stretching before a workout, saying it's important to stay moving while warming up. "Before stamina or endurance-based exercise, you should have active dynamic stretching," she explains, "not static when you just sit there and stretch, because it's counterintuitive to your muscles." If you're hoping to strengthen your core, Anna has three workouts you can't live without: standing plyos, floor plyos, and the plank. "The plank is the best thing you could do for your core." To watch demos of Anna's core workout suggestions and to find out why she says to "stay away from crunches," check out this episode of "Daily Shot."

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