How To Correctly Wear Cologne

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How To Correctly Wear Cologne

How To Correctly Wear Cologne
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How To Correctly Wear Cologne

by Business Insider 1:28 mins

How To Correctly Wear Cologne

by Business Insider 1:28 mins

"The trick is to not overspray," says Howard Kreitzman, VP of Cosmetics & Fragrances at Bloomingdale's. "So the question then leads to, how much is overspraying and where do we spray." If someone beyond your arm's length can smell it, Kreitzman says, you've overdone it. "No more than two or three spritzes from the bottle," he adds. "Once you go past that, you may be moving into dangerous territory." As for where to put it, Kreitzman suggests the pulse points: your wrists and behind your ears. Watch for more tips.

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