Fergie’s Baby Shower Details Revealed!

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Fergie’s Baby Shower Details Revealed!

Fergie’s Baby Shower Details Revealed!
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Fergie’s Baby Shower Details Revealed!

by The Insider 1:40 mins

Fergie’s Baby Shower Details Revealed!

by The Insider 1:40 mins

Fergie and Josh Duhamel are about to welcome a baby boy into the world in September, so in true fergalicious fashion, they celebrated with a baby shower that was nothing short of glam! The mommy-to-be coined the party a "Gayby Shower" to give love to all her gay friends who are a huge part of her life, and will obviously be a part of her little bundle of joy's life. According to People magazine, the party was complete with a four-tiered cake, balloon animals and "Ferga-ritas" for the adults. Check out the v

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